Hospital Births

Giving Birth at the Hospital

Most of our clients choose to have their baby in the hospital. Our group of midwives works primarily at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton – Charlton site. We have been working closely with the team of physicians, nurses, lactation consultants and other staff for many years.

Labour Assessment

When you think you are in labour, you will page your midwife. Together you will decide to meet either at your home or at the hospital for a labour assessment. If you are in labour, and are planning a hospital birth, you will then be admitted to the Birthing Unit.

In Labour

A member of your midwifery team will be with you throughout labour and birth. If you choose to have an epidural anesthetic, we will ask the anesthesiologist on-call to place the epidural.

If at any point in your labour your midwife has concerns about you or your baby, we will consult with Obstetrical Service. We practice full-scope midwifery. That means that if your labour has slowed down or if you need to be induced, your care remains with your midwife. If care is transferred to an obstetrician or pediatrician for any reason, your midwife will stay involved in a supportive role.

After Baby is Born

With midwifery care, if all is well with you and your baby, you have the option of leaving the hospital 3 hours after the birth of your baby. Your midwife will then follow you closely at home and you can still page with concerns. Routine blood work that screens for treatable diseases and jaundice can be done by your midwife at home. You do not need to stay in hospital to have these done.

If you stay in the hospital after the birth, we will see you there daily until you are discharged and then continue your postpartum care at home.

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